The Great Logo Design Experiment: Local Designers Take Up The Challenge

12 designers took up the challenge at Actuate, local award winning internal marketing and communications agency, when they hosted a Logo Jam on Saturday 27 July.

An invitation was sent out to would-be clients who, for R10*, got to brief in a logo and return one hour later to view the final artwork. No reverts, no tweaking, no ‘trafficking it into the system’. Under conditions that frankly would make a sweatshop seem laid back, 42 logos were produced in five hours.

Thoroughly schooled in the principles of good design, Actuate understands that a carefully considered and finely crafted logo takes time – sometimes weeks, often months and occasionally years. That said, there is equally something deeply visceral and intuitive in the design process – a design reflex as it were. In the spirit of creative experimentation (Actuate would never dream of animal experimentation – experimenting on designers is totally okay though), the team wanted to explore what would happen if 12 talented designers were tasked to make logos – in under an hour.

How well did the experiment work?

A selection of the logos can be viewed at the Actuate FB page.

In implementing this experiment, Actuate took a little heat – designers already frustrated at the short amount of time allocated to design felt we weren’t doing justice to the process of design. However, this raised another issue that needs to be explored – that of value. We have seen a lot of time (and money) spent on lousy design work – and less than an hour and ten bucks spent on some great work.

*All the money that was paid for logos went to charity (and most of Logo Jams’ clients put a lot more into the pot).

[Designer image courtesy of Shutterstock]