The Social Entrepreneur: Getting Wings To Build A Business With Heart

If you want to do business and make money ask a serial entrepreneur, if you want to do business and do good while making money then ask a social entrepreneur.

There has never been a greater need for social entrepreneurs than during this period when the world is experiencing some of the most complex challenges.

Social entrepreneurs are a rare and special breed of entrepreneurs. They are troubled by challenges in society, however, they choose to do something about what troubles society.

They use their entrepreneurial skills to develop solutions that produce monetary value and social impact.

Although social entrepreneurs play a crucial role in society they do not get the necessary support to start and sustain social businesses.

This is now beginning to change as organisations realise the need to support social entrepreneurs. One of those organisations is Redbull, through its Redbull Amaphiko programme.

Since 2014, the Redbull Amaphiko programme has conducted a number of initiatives aimed at boosting social entrepreneurs.

Over the next seven months, Redbull Amaphiko is going across the country to find and mentor social entrepreneurs.

This is an opportunity for aspiring social entrepreneurs and existing social entrepreneurs to apply for Amaphiko Connect to learn how they can make their businesses sustainable.

Amaphiko Connect is a series of two day bootcamps for aspiring entrepreneurs. The bootcamp connects entrepreneurs with each other, giving them needed resources and linking them with organisations to help them in their journey. Participants will also be taught how to run a business by established social entrepreneneurs and Amaphiko alumni.


Day one will focus on mentorship where participants will be linked up with established social entrepreneurs who will teach candidates how they can turn their ideas into viable enterprises.

Old Mutual (who are sponsoring the bootcamps) will also be giving insights on financial management and how to maintain the enterprises financial health.

Day two will focus on storytelling; more specifically how a social entrepreneur can tell the enterprise’s story to the world. This will include sessions in brand building,audience engagement and digital management.


  • 23-24 April: Cape Town
  • 21-22 May: Johannesburg
  • 25-26 June: Durban
  • 23-24 July: Pretoria
  • 27-28 August: Johannesburg
  • 17-18 September: Port Elizabeth
  • 22-23 October: Cape Town

Interested candidates can apply here. Registration is free.


Image source: Shutterstock