The Disruptors: A Book About Social Entrepreneurs In South Africa

There’s a new breed of social entrepreneurs, striving to build and grow enterprises that fight social ills, foster opportunity, and help to improve society.
From healthcare to mobile gaming, from education to recycling, from dancing to gardening, these are the game-changers, the difference-makers, the doers of good.
Their stories are captured in the new book by Kerryn Krige and Gus Silber.
Kerryn Krige heads up the Network for Social Entrepreneurs at GIBS, and has worked in the social sector since 2001. Gus Silber is an award-winning journalist, editor speechwriter and author, with a special interest in social entrepreneurship.

The book shares a story about one social entrepreneur (Yusuf Randera-Rees) who started Awethu Project, an entrepreneurs incubator.
Yusuf’s story is captured in one chapter of the book here