Top 10 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

At Ideate, we get a lot of request for information on legitimate work from home jobs. While making money from home has become all the rage recently, especially with the rise of the web (and with it, internet home business opportunities), it seems that our audience still need some prompting on where they can make their moolah from home.

So, without further ado, here are our top 10 work from home business ideas:

1. Tdictionaryranslation

Here’s where those Spanish lessons you took at school can finally come in handy. So what if you only did them thinking that it would be your ticket through Latin America while you learn how to surf? If you know German, Italian, French, Portuguese, or the biggie, Mandarin, you’re in the money. Place your free ad on Gumtree or Craigslist and you can start raking in the orders.

What you need?

Dictionaries for all the languages you know.

Where to start?


  • Advertise online on directory sites
  • Contact the relevant embassies and consuls in your area to let them know you’re available.
  • Language schools are also a great source of referrals here, so look them up online and give them a ring to let them know you’re around.

2. Teach English

skypeThis is a no-brainer. English is the de-facto standard of the web, and hence the new frontier of business – especially in exporting stuff online. Everyone wants to learn the language of our old colonial oppressors… so brush up your grammar and get teaching.

What you need?

A dictionary and an active sense of humour, especially when teaching Eastern bloc, Chinese or Indian visitors to the country. You’ll do well to download Skype, since a lot of folks will contact you via the net.

Where to start?

  • Varsity College if you need to get qualified
  • Gumtree or Craig’s List to advertise to all the migrant workers visiting the country, as well as the  sons, wives and daughters of visiting dignitaries and business people.

3. Website content writer

lettersEvery website needs content. Every website owner is too busy to write content. Hey presto: a gap in the market! Fire up your laptop, google “writing for web” and tell your friends that you’re a bonafide copy-writer. Despite your lack of experience, chances are pretty strong that you’ll churn out better content than 99% of the crap out there.

What you need?

Home pc with a good internet connection.

Where to start?

4. Product photographer

lighttentYou got a 10mp digicam for Christmas, but the only pics you’ve taken are of your cat and the potplant. Instead of sitting at home checking your non-existent bank balance every five minutes, why not fashion a quick infinity curve in your garage and start snapping? There are many, many product sites being launched every day (E-commerce is on the rise, fast, and products pics will be in demand). Odds are that some of these new sites will need a cheap alternative to updating their stock online.

What you need?

You’ll need a camera, the curve, some lights, a laptop, an internet connection and some photo-editing software.

Where to start?

5. Home baker

bakerYour mom’s old recipes are not necessarily only to entertain your book club once a month. There are hundreds of corner shops, market stalls, schools and churches who will gladly pay for your cooking goodness. Make sure you do your sums when charging for them, though. It’s easy to short sell yourself in the catering business.

What you need? A decent oven, and some cooking tools. A blog (you can also use your Facebook page) is also a good idea to write about your recipes and publish some pics of your gastronomic greatness.

Where to start?

  • Your local printer to design a little knock n’ drop brochure to distribute to your neighbourhood’s homes  and businesses.

6. Internet marketing

internetWeb marketing is a fast growing industry and there’s more than enough work out there. Once you figure it out, it’s actually a nice little earner – you can charge a few grand a month for your services and once you hit 10 clients, you’re doing quite nicely thank you very much. The only thing is that this industry is notoriously unstable, and you’ll have to keep your wits about you to stay on top of this fickle game.

What you need? Laptop, internet and subscriptions to SEOmoz, Internet Marketing Centre, Daily blog and the 1000’s of other services out there.

Where to start?

  • Find a small business networking group near you, something like BNI, which is cost effective and perfect for getting you in touch with your target market.

7.Music teacher

keyboardWho’d a thunk? Your many hours of recorder, piano and violin lessons actually will come in handy. Depending on how good you are there are many adults, adolescents and children out there searching for their inner Tchaikovsky. A good start is to contact some of the schools in your area and sound-proof your walls.

What you need?

A nice quiet room, where you can finally put your piano / guitar / violin, / recorder / triangle to good use.

Where to start?

  • Get a little brochure designed by a local designer (again, the printer should have an inhouse graphic designer to knock something up) and get it out there.
  • Directory sites like Gumtree and Craig’s List

8. Personal shopper

bagBelieve it or not, there are loads of people out there without a heck of a lot of time on their hands. Hey, you got time right? You can offer it to these poor rich folk in order to bend their credit cards on all the various trinkets that they need on a weekly basis – from food to toys, gifts to underwear.

What you need?

Time. A good eye for what’s in – the Internet will help to keep you on top of the trends.

Where to start?

Again: Gumtree or Craig’s List are great for these kinds of services.

9. Pet chef

petsYou’re one of those weird tree-hugging, liberal animal rights activists. No one EVER took you seriously. Until now. Just wait til those haters see you RAKE in the bucks by preparing meals for rich people’s pets. Yep, you heard me. Rich folk will actually pay you to cook gourmet meals for their imported Saluki’s, their Russian Blue’s or their pure-bred Shitzu’s. Call it a guilt thing. They don’t have time to love them. However, they DO have money to pay YOU to feed them. Make it happen.

What you need?

Pet ingredients. Thick skin.

Where to start?

  • Get to your post office and get them to distribute your business card to the rich suburbs in your area. If you can, make your business card interesting, like having alitte bite cut out of it, or designed in the shape of a bone… something like that, y’know?

10.Book keeper

moneyIf you’re male, you’ve spent the last few years in a cubicle. If you’re female, you’ve spent the last few years popping out your 2 kids. Your head is about to explode. You need an outlet. You’ve got dreams. You want to make real money. It just so happens you’re good at maths. What can you do? Ok… so there’s not much else than becoming a book keeper. (Sorry.) But, you know what? It’s not that bad. You can make a good living, and your expenses are low. Give it a go, and save up for that Mauritius getaway (if you can find babysitters for 2 weeks!)

What you need?

QuickBooks. A laptop.

Where to start?

  • Correspondence school to get qualified
  • Gumtree, Craig’s List to advertise

Post your suggestions and links in the comments. We’d love to hear feedback and thoughts on working from home ideas.

86 thoughts on “Top 10 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

  1. 11. An adult ‘entertainer’

    What you need – Yourself and a few props.

    How to get started – Advertise your services on Gumtree or Craigslist.

  2. Great list – add a new one as #12 Coach
    Need: Vast experience, love for coffee, the ability to listen and help people through stages of life, a strong butt to sit at Mugg and Bean for 6 hrs a day.
    To get started: Become an authority on a subject that others will want to pursue.

  3. hey great list. Hey everyone come take a look at my website just click on my name. It offers a lot of help and opportunities for work at home jobs.

  4. @Cherryflava – the more props you need, the worse an ‘entertainer’ you are yourself!

    13. Dog walker
    14. Babysitter

    What you need – patience, and to be good with dogs/kids

    How to get started – knock on every door in your neighbourhood (I guarantee you’ll have work by the end of your street)

    I write about stuff like this in my Finance Coach blog (on Fbook and Blogspot), check it out…

  5. All great ideas, but they either require certain skills, training or hard work.

    If your reader realy want an easy way to make money –
    No skills required, No training required, No selling required, No specialized equipment required, No surveys, No Typing, No Processing.
    Not just a business Idea or method. – Some more Pie in the Sky offers.
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  6. A great list, thanks! We like your sense of humour too.

    Your list is not just great, but can really really work for many people out there looking for ideas about what they can do from home to earn money.

    The writing idea in your list is a particluarly easy one to get into – if people will just realise that with a bit of effort, they really CAN work from home – it won’t just happen, they DO have to make some effort.

    Terry and Tony

  7. Great list of work at home opportunities!

    Something else that is also taking the world by storm is Virtual Assistance.

    It’s actually relatively new in SA but Virtual Assistance gives people with administrative experience the opportunity to use their skills to assist other business people with a vast array of administrative tasks. All from the comfort of their own homes.

    Work such as translation and internet marketing that you’ve mentioned above, falls under the umbrella of virtual assistance. Other services ranges from general admin tasks such as calendar & email management, to transcription to social media marketing and many more.

    With the growth in internet technology is the sky the limit with regards to Virtual Assistance and work at home opportunities.

    Keep up the good posts
    Warm Regards

  8. Thanks Urkyle : ) Typos are okay around here every now and then.

    Thanks for the kind words, hope to see you again here on Ideate in the near future.


  9. thanks fred brilliant article

    Regarding internet marketing here is a site that too has aid in various ways to market online. I’d say worth a look

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    Thanks Alot

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  19. I just received a payment from one of the PTC sites.Click my name for proof. One payment was received last week and another one this week.

  20. ……in case you don’t know, the fingermoney site mentioned above, has closed down (for a while now) and is apparently under new management. I have found the same site (with the same name and ads, etc. ) camouflaged under a different site heading). When ‘bisnet’ was contacted, i was told ‘the client has cancelled the hosting of the domain with us’ . So for all intents and purposes it seems that a site that held such high promise…i now regard as a SCAM. It would be interesting to hear what the previous owner, quentinuys, has to say about it!

  21. Hi new comer, in cyberspeak you’re called a ‘newbie’! In terms of your question above: while SA is a bit behind in the latest technology and ways in which to make some extra money using the internet, it is catching up quickly! However, as it catches up and become more advanced, so too does the ‘cyber criminal’.

    What i’ve done is to gradually increase my involvement and activity, do a lot of research and only then register or sign-up. Sure it is no guarentee that it won’t be a scam, but there are ways to limit your exposure! Looks like you’re on the right track though, browsing excellent sites such as this and more importantly, asking questions, and more questions…!!!

    Firstly, never be greedy……it will almost always result in disappointment; give as little information as possible, etc. (See my blog for more details).

    Sure i’ve been burned, but i’ve taken those lessons and learnt from it!

    At the moment i buy and sell on auction sites (not recommended for very new newbies); i do online surveys, blog and also GPT (Get Paid To) programs…get paid to click, read emails, surf, etc. Most of them are international, but a few SA sites have also recently become active…in fact i’ve been paid by three already.

    One more thing, i only promote programs for which ive been paid personally, i never go on somebody elses review or recommendation! So if you’re really interested…visit my blog:

    Finally: this is not meant for those who want to get rich overnight, but rather to build up a steady stream of extra funds without having to pay a single cent! Good luck!!!

  22. My question is, top ten for whom?

    Here is why I ask.

    In order to do the Music teacher gig this is given as a what you need:

    “A nice quiet room, where you can finally put your piano / guitar / violin, / recorder / triangle to good use.”

    Really? What about being able to play an instrument. What about the ability to teach what you know to anybody else. Never mind anybody else. What about teaching it to kids, because they will be your main customer base.

    No, this list and the exposition of what it would take just does not cut it.

    This is a top list for fools.

    Post to Twitter

  23. Right Fred,

    I am not sure which meaning of the word CHOP to apply to myself. There are so many. But let me pick one for argument sake. I choose chop logic: “to argue in a tiresomely pedantic way”

    But before I get pedantic, you are right, I only scanned the article. I looked the list (the 10 quoted above) and then at the requirements. And then I whipped of my immediate response – very much a gut feel which is the way I blog my posts.

    Here is a slightly more pedantic argument: The list of ten, regardless of the subsequent content, are not viable options for any one person because nobody had as varied a skill-set to be able to consider them all on an equal ground.

    Which brings me back to “a top ten list for whom?”

    From the article then, you people at Ideate.

    But clearly that will still not be satisfactory as my defense and I must admit that I am intrigued so let me – and this will take a bit of time – read your article carefully and give you considered argument why I think it does not qualify as a top ten list, not matter how you frame it.



  24. I think CHOP is just bitter. Move along Fred, not worth arguing with people like this. Great list and I believe it was constructed for individuals to take from it what they want and it was not meant as a one and only choose-one-or-die list. @CHOPPER, If there is nothing in the list for you then move along, dont spoil it for everyone else that actually found something useful in the list.

  25. Oh, also this excerpt from CHOPPERS website might explain a few things: “Gerhi Janse van Vuuren is an expert at personal failure, procrastination and playing devil’s advocate. He has been jumping tracks all his life. Working with an unconsious life motto of: “if at first you do not succeed try something else“, Gerhi has tried many things and succeeded at few.”

  26. Hi Paul,

    Firstly, what did you find useful?

    Secondly, I am not bitter, I am having fun. And as an addendum to the quote from my about page, it is not how many things you fail at that counts but how significant the things you succeed at. I take stock the day I die.

    Thirdly (as I said in my follow up article):

    At the end of his article Fred said: “Post your suggestions and links in the comments. We’d love to hear feedback and thoughts on working from home ideas.”
    On their author page Ideate say: “We try to keep the tone light and fresh, current and sometimes controversial.”

    Controversial mean: “giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement”

    Which is exactly what I am doing.

    I am disagreeing with Fred in public. And you and Fred are disagreeing with me.

    I believe a thank you note from Ideate to me for making their blog even more controversial would be in order.

  27. Gehri, you’re still a chop.

    You made the damning statement ‘this is a list for idiots’ despite being completely and unequivocally misguided, and then you try and back it up with a detailed breakdown of each point in the article.

    That’s not constructive criticism. That’s just being an even bigger chop.

    The ‘right’ response (in other words, the response to dig yourself out of the chop-sized hole you’ve dug for yourself) would’ve been to apologize and move on.

    Now, we’re all waiting to see your next clanging, unnecessarily verbose response to an article that most people to date have found pretty helpful.

  28. Gerhi is still a chop. That is basically what it boils down to.

    I often wonder how much of this “constructive” criticism has actually succeeded in helping anyone.
    Least of all it helped him, because in that time he could’ve actually tried something positive and leveraged the energy towards furthering his own fragmented “career”.

    The aggressive stance he takes is interesting, he seems to feed on the reaction and then likes to flippantly dismiss his opinionated destructive words within the framework of self-righteousness that he himself has grown to believe as being the only sacrosanct gospel.

    Heaven forbid that you take anything he says seriously.

    Your site is informative, aesthetically pleasing and well constructed.
    Nuff said.

  29. Fred,

    You are completely right. My planned response is and would continue to be clanging, unnecessary and verbose.

    Nothing I can say would change your mind or improve the article from my point of view. Though there might be other readers who would or did find it very helpful.

    I will not continue to waste my and your time here. So I am taking your advice and hereby apologise for the manner in which I disagreed with you.

    I will in future read your articles carefully before responding and will only respond when I feel that my input would be constructive.


  30. A different spin:

    I simply Loooove CHOPS, well matured, medium to rare, but more to the rare side. If well matured, the juices will be less likely to upset a (sensitive) tummy!

    CHOPS exist in many varieties, shapes and sizes – to suit all tastes….you even get thick skinned CHOPS….which can only be consumed when prepared ‘well done’!

    CHOPS nourish and feed hungry minds and souls. CHOPS are indicators of a (the) good life…..

    CHOPS are best had on a braai and will always welcome a beer (as proposed) to help digest this rich source of ‘food’ for the mind!

    Ag, nou ja…what would life be without us CHOPS top of the menu? For some reason i just can’t seem to fancy BULLY BEEF nor being CHICKEN….it’ll just make me PORKY……sounds rather FISHY neh!

    Finally, what i actually wanted to say was only that people sometimes go overboard this way or that and then just complicate things unnecessarily.

    Accept and let be……..both parties!

  31. What the hell! What are these posts about…Fred…do something about the about the last two entries – unless you can make sense of it, it has to be deleted (in my humble opinion) – it just messes up the whole thread, etc.

  32. Sorry mate – we try our best. The past few weeks have been crazy with spam. The filter picks up thousands every week, but there has been a dramatic increase in comments slipping through. Thanks for keeping an eye out. The comments in question have been deleted.

  33. Hi Hendrick,

    have you actually BEEN PAID by Paytel yet? If so, i’d be interested! You know i only advertise programmes from which i’ve received payment! It is no guarentee that anyone else will be paid though.

    I’ve recently received payment from a South African PTC (Paid To Click) site. This i immediately re-invested! Mosey on over to my blog if you’re interested.

    I try as much as possible to support LOCAL , but I’ve had my share of dissapointments though. Some long stories and some short…i’ll keep to the latter for now!

  34. Godd day all, i am enquiring about this opportunity and how one gets started as i have no idea. This is for my parents who live in Hermanus South Africa. Any advise would be greately appreciate.


    Savvas Augusti

  35. Hi Sawas,

    i’d like to help, but i need you to be a bit more specific regarding the opportunity you’re interested in!

    If you refer to the programmes i’m talking about, you can visit my site at for more info. Should you still be uncertain or need more information, do leave a comment on the blog or email me. I’ll be glad to assist.

  36. Hi alursuave,

    you should see this forum as a place where you can make a valuable contribution to the discussion, whether to give advice, ask a question or at the very least make a comment…..not just post a link…and a link without a description of what’s it’s for or where it’ll take us!! What cheek..!! You’ll not get any fans that way! You’re preying on people who don’t know better and want to find some honest means to fill a gap or two in their pockets.

    I’d strongly suggest to the admin. to have your ‘link’ removed.

  37. Hi mybeatfuzz,

    the fact that you’re posting these links is evidence that you didn’t read the comments on the forum and you’re just interested in spamming your links. Don’t you guys ever learn…..

    Do yourself a favour and apologise or as a minimum read the previous posts….maybe you’ll pick up a hint or two regarding netiquette!!!

  38. Hi I’m going to study next year and my parents cant afford to pay for accommodation and school fees at the same time so i have been looking for a home job that i can do that is promising , but i find nothing please help at least if i can pay for my accommodation and help my parents please help i have INTERNET access and a computer.

  39. I’m a disabled lady desperately looking for work to do from home. I have lots of admin, telesales & typing experience.

    Most of the “Work from home” jobs require and upfront fee – I’ve already paid out close on R1’000 and received no work. Any idea where I can try where NO fees are required??

  40. Can any one help with a suggestion as to how I can make some serious money and which option to take to get started on a work from home project that will make money and not just cost money. I am a serious candidate and burnt my fingers with this work from home scams more then once. I trust you understand my sceptisism. PLEASE HELP.

  41. Well, Ive been looking for an online work from home since i have access to full time internet connection,my concern is,is there really an online work from home or is this just a dog eats dog field which captures victims taking advantage their last bit of hope to pay large amount of money before work can be “awarded” to a person.Please help, we really need a straight,simple and forward solution

  42. To everyone looking to work from home – its all a bunch of nonsense!! Every one advertising job opportunities from home is an absolute criminal! If anyone can PROVE me wrong, I DARE you to leave a legitimate link bleow my comment

  43. Hiya Natalie – sounds like you have been burned. There are tonnes of good businesses that are operating from home, but I agree that there are also a lot of scams out there that ask for your money with not much in return.

    Personally I think that people should avoid things that promise get rich quick schemes and rather try one of the items listed above.

  44. Hi, Sorry about the outburst, I had a really bad day. All I am looking for is good honest work. I am prepared to work hard, I don’t expect to get rich quick.
    Thanks for the tip, I’ll check them out.

  45. Hi,

    I am looking for something for my dad. He had a stroke in 2009 and finds it very hard to talk to people face to face now. Nothing wrong with his mind though, still sharp as a tack! Please let me know if there is anything/anywhere I can find something for him. He is really struggling although us kids send money every month to help him out. He needs to feel that he is earning his way in life again. Thanks so much!!

  46. Thanks Fred for writing this article.

    To Natalie, and everybody else thinking that working from home is “all a bunch of nonsense”: it’s not. It definitely works! …or all of us digital nomads wouldn’t do what we do.

    I’ve been working from home for many years now, and can’t imagine going into an office anymore (which is one of the downsides of being an online entrepreneur…office life become scary) 😉

    Yes, initially it might require you to work harder than you did when working in an office, and you will probably have to change many of your ways, but it’s worth it…or we wouldn’t keep doing it.

    If you’re into online work, then register on the many freelance networks out there – especially focusing on the freelance job sites specializing in your field.

    Get involved, be social, ask questions, do your research.

    I warmly recommend to start off with free work (if you’re in a position to do so), for example with translations, content writing, catering friends’ events etc. The experience and references you gain will help you get the paid work, so make sure you get those LinkedIn recommendations, testimonials etc to show your potential paying clients.

    Also, remember that you can look outside South Africa for online work – there are many freelance networks around the world that pays out via Paypal, Payoneer, or bank transfer.

    Best of luck to all of you – if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!


  47. It’s often written off as a scam, but I think if you are really committed to it, paid surveys can deliver a fairly decent wage, if you have a Blog you can take advantages of referrals and all of that sort of thing… there are plenty of sites that cater to ZA residents too… Hiving/Surveyhead/Opinionate etc…

  48. Here’s a number of answers/comments ALL in one go!

    Firstly, Shonimaze…visit my blog (click on the link below my avatar) – here you’ll find sites that will definitely suit your fancy…not only does it work, the best paying 1 (at the moment) is actually a Proudly South African site, hence it gets top honours from me and deserves it’s big headline banner.

    NB: I only promote sites on my blog from whom i’ve recieved payment or that have delivered a benefit to me, e.g. traffic, referrals, etc.

    Secondly. i agree with Patrick K, paid surveys CAN deliver a decent earnings i wouldn’t go as far as describing it as a decent wage though – perhaps income is a better more suitable term. What he doesn’t mention is that it requires patience, time and effort. To put it into perspective, the best survey site i’m registered with send me regular surveys, at least 1 per week, but i often don’t have time to complete it (typically 15 – 30min; 1hr or more is an exception, but worth the time). This results in me getting a check of R400-R500 (after deduction of banking fees, etc.) every 3 months.

    NB: The number of surveys you receive largely depends on your own unique profile. Also, ALWAYS, always be honest when answering the surveys.

    So that’s my bit in a nutshell…for more check my other posts here or visit my blog

  49. hi there!

    am interested in doing some work at home business, but i don’t where to start. could someone help me. i want to do some extra income on part time or full time as long as it does affect my full time job

  50. Hi joel,

    have you had alook at any of the above suggestions that have been posted? Here we can only make suggestions and hope people would believe…and even try some of the programmes we promote! Other than that, you’ll have to do some work…NSTAAFL – (no such thing as a free lunch) …remember that concept and you can’t go wrong!

    Also, do some research, just because we are mentioning a site/program, etc. on a legitimate and very well established website like this one doesn’t mean the sites mentioned are….SO DO THE RESEARCH…nowadays with big G it’s so easy to check up on sites and find out if it’s a scam or not!

    So have a look at my site and leave me your comment ! Feel free to feedback to this forum on your experience or how further we may help you!

    Good luck!

  51. Hi my name is chantelle. I have recently become a housewife, I sit at home all day, i have been looking for something to do in the lines of working from home, i have bare minimal experience in computers and am currently having internet and computer training, however my question is what kind of work from home opportunity do you think it best for me to delve into. i would like to make extra cash and dont want to be taken for a ride.
    will it be possible for you to assist me please.
    thank you
    sincerest regards

  52. Chantelle Dear,

    lucky you to be a housewife and have the time available to do some online work…yes, some would say that’s rather unlucky…not having ‘job’, but i think with the right guidance, patience and commitment, you’ll find it an absolute joy, being at home and not having to answer to a boss.

    That said, it can be the opposite as well, if you don’t plan and manage your time well, you could end up longing for the ‘routine’ of a ‘regular’ job. So you’re off on the right track…asking for help; be careful though…whose advice you accept/trust, etc.

    For starters, i’d say look at what interests you and what you good at and take it from there; try and align that with what you find. Don’t be scared to make mistakes…we all have to start somewhere.

    Also, look at the older entries here click on some of the links provided and EXPLORE if it fancies you. NEVER, NEVER just dive in and accept what you’re being told…as truth!

    RESEARCH x 3….

    Finally visit my blog for (what i think) are some excellent advice and programmes…!

    Cheers and good luck with your online endevours

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    most reliable opportunities on the net. Check it out for yourself.

  54. Good day,

    I have read about the opportunity to be a stay at home mom of 2 kids doing bookkeeping. As I am retrenched today and a mom of 2 kids, I am looking for work and because work is hard to find and you are always unhappy, I am looking at being my own boss. I am scared though! how do I come over the fear of my business not being successful? I know you have to take chances in life but I am so scared as I do have family members that tried to make their own business work but failed many times.

  55. Hi All,

    Just want to warn you about adverts, especially ones containing “workingfromhome” in the e-mail address.

    They advertise for Data Entry Clerks or Typists, you have to pay R180 which according to them is a bargain, as others charge from R900 upwards and once they receive your payment, they send a Manual.

    The “Manual” consists of a couple of pages of rubbish and all it tells you is to do exactly what they do, i.e. just taking your money and then you don’t hear from them again.

    Yes, I was caught, my own stupidity, but please be EXTREMELY careful with ads for working from home for Typists and Data Entry Clerks. Especially where they ask you to pay for a Manual!!!

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