My Top 5 Favourite Tweets on Twitter!

So, Twitter caught the world by storm and there are some great tweets to find on Twitter. Here are my top 5  favourite tweets I find hilarious.

Twitter is a free micro-blogging service and can quickly be defined as a place where you can quickly share your thoughts, interesting links or news in a limit of 140 characters. Apart from being a micro-blogging platform it is also a social networking service. You can follow what other people have to say and they can follow you. This is a great way to build up new contacts in your industry and keep in touch with clients and business associates. Twitter is also great for researching what people think about your product or company or anything else for that matter! I chose these funny tweets because I feel like I can relate to them. More than once I’ve felt like deleting my emails without reading them and every women would find number 3 to be oh-so true!

5) @GoNowGo: And it’s shaping up to be another Mark All As Read, with a slight chance of Delete All, kind of day.Nice Tweets

4) @thepeoplegeek: Cranked the treadmill up to MAX for 15 minutes. When I finally took a break my roller skates were hot to the touch.

3) @seanhussey: Razor ads for men: YEAH! You’re a man! Scraping metal across your jugular! Laugh in death’s face! Razor ads for women: Tee-hee! It’s Pink!

2) @toddlevin: At a cemetry, looking for my name on tombstones. This is the Goth version of Googling yourself.

1) @RoyDAylmer: The worst thing about censorship is xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx